Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Is Book Collecting a Good Investment?

As booksellers, we hear this question often: Is book collecting a good investment?

Since we are in the business of selling books, specifically antiquarian, signed firsts, out-of-print, and unique books, our response might be a bit too biased.

So, to prevent the obvious sales pitch format, we’ve collected some links to articles around the web that point out the high points and pitfalls of book collecting as an investment. There’s enough information (and advice) in these articles to help answer the question and point you to the entrance or exit.

Check them out and let us know if they’ve been helpful.
Is Book Collecting a Smart Invesment?
Rare Book Collecting as an Investment

Second printing large softcover. Signed by the author/editor on title page with inscription "Charles Trinkle you can believe it", and dated 1/21/81. Illustrations. 406 pp. VG+ with no other markings.

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