Sunday, July 14, 2013

How much is my old book worth: Pt. 2

Sometimes an old book is just an old book.

That's not to say it doesn't have personal value. It might have belonged to someone who was important to you or it might be something you've had since childhood.

Here are some guidelines to follow when looking for the value of an old book.
  • Is it a first edition, a first printing?
  • Is it signed or inscribed.
  • Is it rare? (You can't find copies on the popular book selling sites).
  • Is it in good condition? (Tight binding, no dog-eared pages, no missing pages, etc.
Here are some guidelines that suggest that a book probably has very little resale value.
  • An old book that was originally produced with a dustjacket will be worth less if the jacket is no longer avaliable. 
  • Ex-library books and book clubs or books that have been remaindered by the publisher.
  • The book has been written in or highlighted. 
There are books that can still be called collectible if they meet the conditions listed here but they are the exception -- they have to be very, very hard to find.

Naturally, you can't always expect to find hundred-year-old books in fine  or mint condition (but they are around).

Here are some examples of books in fine condition. (click on the link for descriptions):

Here are some examples of hard-to-find books that are in fair or poor condition but still have value.

When you check the links, be sure to note the descriptions.

Disclaimer: The books featured in this post may have been sold and may no longer be active.

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Sunday, July 7, 2013

How much is my old book worth? Pt. 1

How much is my old book worth?
We hear this question daily, sometimes more than once a day in our store. When folks ask, we tell them that we MUST see the book. No reputable book dealer will ever appraise a book without being able to see it, touch it, investigate it.
Yes, it's possible to let the person know if there's a slight possibility that the book has value, but that's a touchy approach.
There's also the question of whether or not you want to sell your old book. In this case, it's a good idea tell the appraiser/dealer this up front that you just want to know what it's worth or that you do want to sell it. (A dealer will generally offer between 20 and 25% of retail value. While this may not seem like much, you have to understand that the dealer will have to market the book himself and may have it in stock for weeks, months, even years before a buyer appears. Telling the appraiser what you plan to do with the book doesn't mean the evaluation will change; it just means you won't be unnecessarily suspicious about the fairness of the pricing.
If you have access to the Internet (which you probably do since you're reading this article), you can do some checking on your own. You can visit websites such as abe books or bookfinder, or even amazon (but the latter, in our opinion, is not the best place to get a true value), to see if others are offering the same title.
But beware. When searching the net, you must find a title that is in the same condition as yours. Be as accurate as possible in your comparisons. Find listings that come as close as possible to the condition of your book.

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Vince Flynn

Vince Flynn, author of a number of political thriller books died last month (June 19, 3013).

Born in 1966, he was a consultant for the TV show 24 and author of the 12 best-selling titles featuring the character Mitch Rapp (listed here), as well as his first novel Term Limits.

Transfer of Power (1999)
The Third Option (2000)
Separation of Power (2001)
Executive Power (2003)
Memorial Day (2004)
Consent to Kill (2005)
Act of Treason (2006)
Protect and Defend (2007)
Extreme Measures (2008)
Pursuit of Honor (2009)
American Assassin (2010)
Kill Shot (2012)
The Last Man (2012)
The Survivor (2013)

Flynn is one of the most popular storyteller in this genre.

We carry Flynn's paperback books in the store, and have several first edition hardcovers as well. His novels have been among the most popular with our readers and he will be missed.