Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Book search: Finding the hard-to-find

Ever wonder which one of James Patterson's books you've missed?

Looking for a chronology of the works of Vince Flynn?

Remember a character but can't recall the author?

We get these kinds of problems everyday from customers at Plaza Books, and with thousands and thousands of used and collectible books in stock, we can't always come up with answers. Our solution? The internet of course. Within minutes, we can search for a list of books by James Patterson, divided into groups and in chronological order. And a quick search for a major character's name brings up the author.

Now, we often resort to sources like wikipedia or a bline google search but our favorite site for hunting, the place we get quick answers, is

Book selection of the month.

Based in the UK, this family-owned business is on top of the publishing information business and is a super source for quick searches. The site is minimalistic (not overloaded with affiliate ads), loads quickly, and responds just as quickly.

And now for the June book trivia, the following authors were born in June. Have you read any of them?

Maurice Sendak June 10, 1928
Andrew Weil June 8, 1942
Aaron Sorkin June 9, 1961
Iain Sinclair June 11, 1943
Richard Scarry June 5, 1919
Michael Shaara June 23, 1929
Tobias Wolff June 19, 1945
Immanuel Velikovsky June 10, 1895
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry June 29, 1900